Guy Jackson gets the job done…Whether it’s a load of firewood, slashing a paddock or the delivery of sawdust or shellgrit… it’s a fast, efficient and reliable service.

firewood-at-guy-jacksonsWood for the Combustion Fires

Keep your home warm over Winter.

Aged and dried for perfect burning. Low smoke, easy to light and long-lasting. Effective heating with a combustion heater comes from good wood. See more tips.

slashing-grass-at-guy-jacksonsSlashers and Mowers!

Slash your paddock the reliable way.

We run a 6-foot Slasher for cutting and slashing large yards & paddocks . For yards and tight access we use our zero-turn mower. See the Videos.

smoking-sawdust-at-guy-jacksonsRedgum, Oak & Mallee Sawdust for Smoking

Clean & fine premium Smoker Sawdust for BBQs and Meat Smokers

Perfect for smoking all meats, seafood, poultry, small goods & veggies. See cooking tips.

sawdust-at-guy-jacksonsSawdust & Shavings for big and small pets

Great for pet hatches or horse stables.

We’re the northern distributor of sawdust and shavings for SA Sawdust Supplies. The quality of our sawdust is high meaning that we don’t supply you with “dust” – we supply mini-chips that have substance and work for absorption. Learn more…

shellgrit-at-guy-jacksonsShellgrit for many purposes

Great for stables, chooks and pathways.

Shellgrit is great for chooks in producing eggs with strong shells. Horse owners use shellgrit to reduce slipperiness within stables and horse yards. Some customers use shellgrit as an effective and economic alternative for garden paths. Learn more….

2 weeks ago

Jacksons Firewood
Mowing mushrooms at Two Wells Golf courseImage attachment

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2 weeks ago

Jacksons Firewood
Video image

...and it all starts with clean, dry, suitable firewood.
Stay warm and healthy with Jackson's Firewood.With a chill in the air, many of us have already fired up the home wood heaters for the first time, but it’s important to remember that smoke from home fireplaces could be a cause of health problems, conflict with neighbours or impact the environment.
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3 weeks ago

Jacksons Firewood
Wholesale kindling SuppliesImage attachment

Wholesale kindling Supplies ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago

Jacksons Firewood

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1 month ago

Jacksons Firewood

40 tonne of Redgum, hopefully enough for a week or two. ... See MoreSee Less


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